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Lesson1: Introduction

Pragmatic AI Labs

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Lesson 1.1 Intro & Learn the answer to “What is Big Data?”

Big Data Challenges






Lesson 1.2 Explore the history of Big Data

Term Defined 2001

Film an Early “Big Data” Industry

Lesson 1.3 Know AWS Certification: 6 domain areas

1- Collection

2 - Storage

3 - Processing

4- Analysis

5- Visualization

6- Data Security

Lesson 1.4 Understand the AWS Certification Exam-Blueprint

split of approximate # of questions by Domain Area:

Collection - worth 17% of the test, 11 questions about 29 min

Storage - also 17% of the test, 11 questions

Processing - same split

Analysis - also 17% of the test, 29 minutes

Visualization - the shortest section on the exam: 12% of the exam, about 8 questions

Data Security - we said this was important before, and it is. Data Security is the longest section, 20% of the exam, about 13 questions

Exam Learning Path

Lesson 1.5 Learn Exam Strategy

Lesson 1.6 Identify Focus Areas

Lesson 1.7 Learn Tips & Tricks

Lesson 1.8 Learn How to register for AWS Certification Exam

Link to AWS Registration: