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Lesson 6 Visualization

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4.1 Identify the appropriate data processing technology for a given scenario

Big Data Processing Technologies

Big Data Processing

Real World Data Engineering

Data Engineering Example

4.2 Determine how to design and architect the data processing solution


feedback loop

4.3 Determine the operational characteristics of the solution implemented

4.4 Understand Overview of AWS Processing



4.5 Understand Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

4.6 Learn about Apache Hadoop - Intro

4.7 Apply EMR - Architecture

4.8 Understand EMR - Operations

4.9 Use EMR - Hive

4.10 Use EMR - Hbase

4.11 Use EMR - Presto

4.12 Use EMR - Spark

4.13 Implement EMR - Storage & Compression

4.14 Implement EMR - Lambda